Kiamba, Sarangani Declared Smoke and Vape-Free, Commemorates with a Spectacular

Kiamba, Sarangani – October 31, 2023 – Kiamba, a municipality known for its commitment to

public health and environmental conservation, has taken a monumental step towards a healthier

and cleaner community by officially declaring itself smoke and vape-free. To celebrate this

landmark_ achievement, the municipality hosted a grand launch event that brought the entire

community together for a day of festivities and awareness

The launch event, held at Kiamba Beach, was a spectacular affair, aimed at raising awareness

about the harmful effects of smoking and vaping while promoting a healthier lifestyle and

cleaner environment. The event featured a range of exciting activities, including a Zumba

session, a fun run, coastal clean-up, a vibrant motorcade, captivating performances by Pinoy

Pop Idol, and a fire-dancing display by the talented young dreamers of Kiamba. The event

culminated with 500 Kiamba residents forming the statement “Smoke-free Kiamba,” which was

captured through drone footage.

Mayor George F. Falgui, the driving force behind this initiative, expressed his enthusiasm for the

smoke and vape-free declaration, stating, “As a former smoker, my commitment to the health

and well-being of our community remains steadfast. I have witnessed firsthand how a

smoke-free life can change you for the better, and I am proud that Kiamba is taking a significant

step towards a healthier and cleaner environment by banning smoking and vaping in public

areas. We believe this move will not only improve public health but also preserve the natural

beauty of our town.”

Kaloi Garcia, Senior Communications Manager of global public health organization Vital

Strategies, and a staunch supporter of this initiative, added, “We applaud Kiamba’s decision to

go smoke and vape-free. We are proud to support and witness their dedication to uphold

healthy environments for its citizens.

The launch event also served as a platform to educate the community on the dangers of

smoking and vaping, with informative and interactive booths, games, and materials available

throughout the venue.


For more information, please contact:

Patricia Baquiran

Communications Officer, Vital Strategies

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