Bagwis Troopers Welcome the Delegates of Hinabi Gensan

Malungon, Sarangani Province – Sharing a vision of peace and camaraderie, a group of Higher Education Institutions called “Hinabi” led by Brother Manny de Leon of Mindanao State University visited the Headquarters of Bagwis Brigade in Brgy. Malandag, Malungon, Sarangani Province on September 20, 2023.

In a meeting of minds with Brigadier General Patricio Ruben P. Amata, Commader of the Bagwis Brigade with its staff officers, the delegates of Hinabi explained that the word ‘Hinabi’ has two meanings: “to weave” in Tagalog and “to start a conversation” in Bisaya. Accordingly, Hinabi is an alliance of 11 Higher Education

Institutions based in General Santos City that is committed in cultural preservation and values formation among the youth to guide them to be good citizens of their respective communities. Br. De Leon also reaffirmed Hinabi’s willingness to collaborate with the

security sector in Preventing and Countering Radicalization and Violent Extremism among the youth with the goal of making Mindanao State University a National Peace University.

Brigadier General Amata stressed the significance of this emerging partnership. He stated, “I am optimistic about fostering better communication and mutual understanding.” He envisions a future where both the military and academe can work harmoniously, leveraging each other’s strengths and bridging knowledge and

perception gaps. He also mentioned that he is open to collaboration, particularly in programs related to the development of students. Furthermore, he also stated that unit, as an organization, has been devoted to its transformation towards a professional organization dedicated to serving our communities. The unit has been in constant collaboration with decision-makers and key stakeholders, forging partnership with the local government units, local and national government agencies, and non-government organizations, to achieve a long-lasting peace in the Brigade’s Area of Operation.

Moreover, Dr. Benneth Mercado of Brokenshire College also offered collaborative projects including assistance during outreach activities, contribution to environmental conservation, support in research and training, and even provision of scholarship for dependents of soldiers who were killed and wounded during combat. Afterwards, the visiting Hinabi delegates from Mindanao State University, Notre Dame of Dadiangas University, Cronasia Foundation College, and Brokenshire College of SOCKSARGEN were also given a quick tour of the camp.



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